How to get the deal once I like it?

All you need to do is just click on "Buy Now" before the offer comes to an end (normally midnight). If we find that the minimum number of people have signed up for the deal, we will deduct the charges from your card and send a link across to you so that you can easily take a printout of the deal. However, if enough people have not joined in, then no one will get the coupon and no charges will be deducted from your account.

What happens if you don’t get the minimum number of purchasers?

If we don’t find enough number of people for the deal, then the deal gets cancelled. We also don’t deduct any amount from your card.

Do I have to use my Voucher the very day I purchase it?

No. You will have to wait for the next day once you have successfully purchased a Catch the deal voucher. However, you can use only those vouchers in the time period indicated in the fine print.

I have taken a deal. What next?

Once we deduct the charges from your card, we will send you an email along with a link so that you can sign in and take a printout of your voucher. You will find redemption instructions on the Voucher itself.

Can I grab a deal/voucher to gift it to someone else?

Yes you can.  If the fine print does not state otherwise, you can happily gift a voucher to your beloved friends and loved ones. You can always visit our checkout page to send some of the best deals as gifts to them. All you need to do is select the gift option on the checkout page.

What if I do not use the full value of the voucher in one particular visit? Will I be able to use the remaining amount at a later date?

No you cannot. If the guidelines don’t state it, then you cannot receive cash or credit back for whatever you are unable to use. In most cases, you must redeem the voucher in one transaction or visit.

How much sales and use tax will be charged when I redeem a voucher?

The sales and use tax of different cities will differ with every state and can really leave you confused. Several factors will determine these charges. These factors include the place where you are living, the place where you resolve to redeem your voucher, and the type of products and services you choose to redeem the voucher. All of this will affect the way you are charged as far as tax deduction is concerned.

Can I return a Voucher?

Our customers always have the option of editing their purchases but this must be done before midnight on the day you availed the deal and made a purchase. Go to your Catch the deal page and then click on the option that allows you to edit your purchase. You will find this option just next to the deal you had purchased. This option allows you to make changes to the quantity and billing related information, and even cancel the deal if required. Click here to learn more about our return policy.

What happens if the promotional value of my deal expires?

You won’t end up losing everything. You always have the option of redeeming the value for the amount that you had paid. Click here for detailed information about expiry dates, voucher values, and also go through our terms for selling!

Is it safe to use Catch the deal?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to use Catch the deal. The credit number shared by you is directly transmitted by SSL to an electronic vault that is extremely safe. During the entire transaction, your credit card number does not get stored on the servers of our company.

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