Terms & Conditions
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Terms and Conditions

Catch the Deal has made the website available for its user’s benefits. If you use our site, then it implies that you have agreed with our terms and conditions. However, if you don’t want to be bound by these terms and conditions, then please do not use this website and close your browser window right now.

General Information

The objective of our website is to create a marketplace where customers can buy vouchers that will also allow them to save some money. These vouchers can be further redeemed for purchasing products and services from retailers who partner with us.

This particular agreement lays down the terms and conditions that the users of this website agree to. Users will also have to acknowledge that they will keep their site password securely and will not reveal or share it with anyone who can misuse the password. It is the sole responsibility of the user of the website to safeguard their site password. Users will also have to acknowledge that the internet is not always a safe and secure environment. Even though we make a genuine effort to safeguard your information, Catch the deal is not responsible for any loss of information due to transmission on the internet. We will also make efforts to offer access to the website all the time. However, the right to interrupt, suspend, terminate or cancel service at any point of time and for any reason is reserved by us. We also reserve the right to carry out maintenance work on the website as often as we want to, including the right to change any element or aspect of the website including, however not restricted to, content, transmission speeds, fees associated with usage, availability, equipment required for use as well as offerings pertaining to products.

Users eligible to enter into a contract with us are allowed to use our website. A user must be at least eighteen years of age to be able to use our website. Users who belong to the 13-18 age group can use our site only if their parents give them the permission or under the supervision of a guardian who can and is willing to agree to our terms and conditions and privacy policy.

Changes to this Agreement

Catch the deal reserves the right to make any sort of changes to this agreement at any point in time. We will inform our users about these changes either via an email to your registered email address or via posting those changes to our agreement or homepage. We encourage all our users to keep reviewing the terms and conditions and privacy policy section on a regular basis so that they are always aware of any such changes that are applicable. All/any change to our policies will be immediately effective. However, vouchers that were bought by our users as per the previous terms and conditions will not get affected by any changes. All our new customers and vouchers will be bound by the new terms and conditions.

Requirements for Use

Users of our website are responsible for maintaining, acquiring and also making payments for all the equipment and services that are required to use this particular website. The user must accept the entire responsibility for any damage caused to their equipment by this website.

User Conduct Requirements

Catch the deal prohibits the usage of any postings as well as behavior on the website that is unlawful. Any item that the user chooses to post on the website must comply with all the terms and conditions and laws that are applicable. None of a user’s items, content or words should be deemed derogatory, offensive, hateful and violate or infringe the rights of others, defamatory, vulgar, invasive, profane, obscene, illegal, objectionable. In addition, any item that contains advertising or promotional material should also not be posted on our website.

Catch the deal reserves the right to remove any comments that we wish to without stating any reasons. We also prohibit uploading or submission of any content or posts that may make the users of the website feel uncomfortable in any way.

These rights pertain to Catch the deal and its entire team of affiliates, subsidiaries and retailers. Each of us may hold the violator of these policies accountable in civil or legal courts if required.

Copyright and Trademarks

The website is the property of Catch the deal and any information on the website is the property of our company and any information found on the website is either the property of the website, or has been used with the permission of the copyright holder. The users of the website do not possess any right to copy, reuse, distribute and change or modify the page without the expressed written permission of the company.


Users must be aware that they are using Catch the deal’s website at their own risk. Catch the Deal and its employees, owners, partners and all other affiliates will not take any responsibility for any sort of damage that happens to a user due to the website. We do not guarantee that there will be any availability, dependability, accuracy or services offered by the retailers who are participating in any deals or offers made available on our website. 

Limitation of Liability

Catch the deal is not responsible for any punitive damage that happens from the usage of this website or this agreement. The liability for a voucher bought will never be more than the final price at which the voucher is purchased. Any liability that is associated with this agreement will be less than the amount of fees paid in the preceding six months and can never include any legal fees.

Monitoring of the Site

We do not take the responsibility for monitoring the website continuously. This consists of forums, chat rooms as well as other parts of the website that are now in place or will be added in future. We are also not responsible for any sort of illegal material that may appear on the website.


For complete information regarding our privacy policy, please ready our policy completely.

Termination of Agreement

Catch the deal reserves the right to terminate or put an end to the agreement at any point in time and for any particular reason without assigning any reason to the said user or merchant.

Third- Party Content

Catch the deal is a marketplace which offers information and service and product offerings to all its visitors. This implies that we do not possess any control as far as controlling the information offered by these retailers is concerned.  Our policy is to showcase the information they provide to us and also give you some of the best of the deals. We do not take any responsibility for the same and cannot be held liable for any third-party content or action.

Miscellaneous Information

This agreement is between Catch the deal and the users of its website. If either party violates a portion of this particular agreement, it does not imply that the agreement is not still in force. If particular sections of this agreement are considered invalid, then all the remaining sections of the agreement will still remain in force.  


All users of the website have to agree to solve any of their disputes with the help of arbitration. The arbitration will be final and binding and will be administered by the American Association of Arbitration.  Users can obtain information regarding their rules and regulations directly from the association.


All the vouchers are subject to specific federal and state laws in the Philippines.

Terms of Sale

Catch the deal provides a marketplace where its users can purchase discount vouchers for products, services and items.  We are not the ones who sell these products and simply act as facilitators of the process. We want the users of our website to set up their accounts to buy a voucher. We do not guarantee the quality of these products, services or items in any way and cannot be held legally liable for any issues arising from the sale of said products, services and items.

Additional terms and conditions

The vouchers you purchase from us are subject to both the terms and conditions of our company as well as the terms and conditions of the retailer who is using it and are not open to alteration.