Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy underlines the practise for our website. Catch the deal is a Philippines based company and as provider of the website, we are extremely committed towards safeguarding your online privacy. You can read more about the type of information we take from you i.e. our customer and how we use it right here!

In case you have any queries regarding our privacy policy, you can always email us.

Word of Caution: Please read the privacy policy document carefully. If you choose to use our website, you have to acknowledge that you have read our policy document carefully and understand and agree to all the terms and conditions of the privacy policy. Users who do not agree to our privacy policy can choose to exit and not use our website.

1.  Regarding Any Changes to our Privacy Policy Document

If we choose to make change to our privacy policy, we will add those changes to our privacy statement, our home page as well as any other place which we feel is relevant for us and our customers. This will also help our customers to understand the type of information we generally collate, the way we use it and under what sort of circumstances we will use it, if any. Catch the deal reserves the right to make modifications to our privacy policy and statement at any time. Please review it on a regular basis to update yourself about any changes.

2. Type of Information We Collate and How We Use it

Catch the deal basically collates two different types of information pertaining to the users of our website. This includes personally identification number and non-personal identification information.

Personal identification information includes all the information that helps in identifying a specific end customer. Users who engage in specific activities on our website, which includes the creation of an account, placing an order for a service or product from us or our business partners, posting or submitting content in forums, engaging in a contest, providing information for a survey form, submitting a review, mailing us feedback regarding business partners, sending us request pertaining to the services offered by us, submission of affiliate agreement, forwarding an application for any job, submitting a video, and signing up in order to avail special offers from any third party via our website. In all of the above cases, catch the deal may ask the user to provide some information regarding himself/herself.  Users must know that it is entirely optional for them to engage in an Identification related Activity. Users participating in an identification based activity will have to provide us with some personal information about themselves. This includes their first as well as last name, email address, mailing address (including zip code), date of birth and phone number.

For users who place an order for any services and products, Catch the Deal may ask you to provide your credit card number, authentication code, expiry date and any other related information.

Non-Personal Identification Information includes any type of information that does not identify a particular user. This may consist of things such as ‘URL’ Uniform Resource Locator of the website the user may have visited before entering our website, the URL of the website the user visits after leaving our webpage, the browser type being used by the user and the users IP (Internet Protocol) address. Catch the deal and/or the third party service provider and advertisers authorized by us can automatically collate this information when any user visits our webpage.

All non-personal identification information is used by us for the purpose of troubleshooting, administering the website, collect demographic information, analysing trends, complies with laws that are acceptable as well as cooperate with all law enforcement activities.

We also share this information with third parties and Advertisers authorized by us in order to measure how effective our online advertising, programming and content is.

3. Sharing of Personally Identifiable Information With Third Parties

We will not sell, share, trade or rent your Personal Identification with any third parties except as mentioned below:

Your information may be shared with the Merchants with whom we have a tie-up. At regular intervals, catch the deal provides offers from specific merchants who we have tied up with as part of the offer and request information.

This may also allow our team of Merchants to market with you directly in case they want to do the same.

However, we will only share Personally Identifiable Information with a Catch the Deal Merchant if you engage in an Identification Activity, and then only to the Catch the Deal Merchant involved in that specific Identification Activity. We specifically disclaim any responsibility or liability for the actions of such Catch the Deal Merchants. While we inform them that they are only permitted to communicate with you for purposes of the specific promotion with Catch the Deal, we do not take any responsibility for the actions of the said Catch the Deal Merchant, and such actions of the Catch the Deal Merchant that are not in our control. For more information on this Click Here!

4. Releasing of Non-Personally Identifiable Information to third Parties

Catch the deal may disclose or share its Non-personal identification information with business partners, advertisers and affiliates. For example, we may share the demographic information aggregated by us with a third party Advertiser or third party advertising companies and other parties at our sole discretion.

5. Correcting and Updating Information

We firmly believe that our users should be able to access and also edit the personal identification information provided by them to us. Users have the right to change any of their personal identification information by simply logging into their account and accessing their “My Account” section on the website.

6. Collating and Using Information - User Information

Our users always have the option of not providing us the information, although this information may be needed to indulge in specific activities on our website. As per our conditions of purchasing our services and products, we reserve the right to send our users Promotional as well as Administrative emails. We reserve the right to send information pertaining to a user’s account activity as well as purchases, and also give users updates regarding our products, services and promotional offers. Users do not have the option of opting out of emails related to Administration as Administrative Emails that are related to the activity of a user on the website. This also includes emails pertaining to a user’s account, inquiries or requests and purchases of services and products.

However, users do have this option as far as Promotional Emails are concerned. Users who do not wish to receive our Promotional Emails after registration may choose to opt-out of receiving Promotional Emails by simply de-registering or e-mailing us at