About Catch the Deal
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Catch The Deal is an online marketplace that lets businesses promote their deals to customers who love to try out what’s new and worth their hard-earned money.

Whether it’s a new restaurant making itself known by offering specialty dishes at introductory prices…a fitness class offering discounted membership…a relaxing interlude amidst hectic work schedules at a nearby spa…discounted tickets to a show…that dream vacation you’ve been wanting to go to…or that gadget being offered at a discount for the first time – everyone is bound to find something they want to try and right within budget.

It’s a hassle-free way of shopping that’s as simple as scrolling through the featured deals, clicking on the one you want, choosing a payment method, then getting the voucher which you will redeem at that establishment.

At Catch The Deal, we believe in partnering with the best business houses and offering them at irresistible prices. Our goal is to create a community for buyers so they can make exciting purchases and save money at the same time! Catch the Deal offers local products and services that are bound to entice you.

Then while you bask in the triumph of snagging that rare deal, or after you’ve enjoyed the deal’s privileges, we will always be at hand to answer any inquiry or even if you just want to say how happy you were that you got the deal from us.

But Catch The Deal is a little more than just a happy trading place. We aim to help kids and their families by donating to charity with every deal that is availed from us.

So go ahead, feel free to go back to the deals page and catch that deal before it ends!